Start June with South Robertson festival

May 25, 2012 by  

Every spring for the past 14 years, South Robertson (SoRo) Community, located about 30 minutes north of Torrance, has had a festival on South Robertson Boulevard and this year is no exception. On June 3, the 15th Annual SoRo Community Festival will take place, commencing at 11:00 am concluding at 4:00 pm.

SoRo’s festivals are not just standard community carousals. They are the results of conscientious efforts to build bridges that link and bond businesses and organizations throughout the community. Run entirely by volunteers and without the aim of generating profit, they are also designed to celebrate the rich cultural diversity which exists within the community.

All planning to make the event a success, participants in the festival include local schools, caterers, restaurants, organizations, entertainers, and merchants. To label their crafts, advertize their services, and identify their products, participants could greatly benefit from stationery, banner, and business card printing as the festivities take place and bridges are built.

South Robertson Neighborhoods Council and SoRo, Inc., both of whom put on the festival, are proud of the usual attendance, which in the past has been between 6000 – 8000 people. In spite of the throng, there will be something which in every attendee will be able to participate and enjoy. There will be activities specifically designed for the children, live musical performances for the masses, as well as a host of booths for artists and vendors to exhibit their wares.

The festival aims to provide a Sunday filled with fun and entertainment for the whole family. Admission to the festival is free, and gratis street parking is available.