Programming and business planning workshops the weekend theme

November 14, 2013 by  

Torrance computer programmers have an opportunity to spend a day learning how to build a Windows 8 application with HTML and JavaScript this weekend.

This all-day event begins at 9:00 am on Saturday, November 16, and will be held at the M-Go home office located at 3534 Hayden Avenue in Culver City.

As a break in the learning process, there will be a Hackathon with prizes awarded including gift cards, with a $200 first prize and mystery gifts offered by M-Go.

Session one begins with an overview of Windows store apps, session two continues with location and maps, followed up by interactivity programming in session three.

When they attend, participants will need to bring their own laptop loaded with several appropriate Windows programs, a full list of which can be found at the listing of the workshop.

During the same time period at Santa Monica College, Bundy Campus, will be a workshop teaching participants how to write a business plan. Those in attendance should get their digital business cards ready to pass out during the workshop. This is important information to know for anyone who may want to create a business consulting or selling applications to other companies.

Trevor Schickman will cover business plan theory and practical strategies. The workshop is also required for anyone who would like to apply for small business loans from the Small Business Administration. The college is located at 3171 South Bundy Drive in Los Angeles.