Tourism growth in Temecula Valley

February 12, 2014 by  

Temecula can look forward to another strong year of tourist activity according to the Temecula Valley Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (TVCVB). In announcing new members and officers of their governing board, the Bureau noted 2014 has got off to a “credibly positive start” in terms of visitors to the area.

Tourism in the Temecula Valley is big business, generating about a half billion dollars annually in spent by guests to the region. Overall, the tourist industry supports about 6,500 local jobs making it a vital part of the economy.

The TVCVB quoted these figures on tourist spending in its press release: a total of $625.3m spent annually. This figure includes dollars spent on accommodations, leisure and arts activities, dining, and retail.

The range of businesses in the Temecula Valley that benefit from tourism is impressive. In addition to hotels and restaurants, wineries, gift shops, dress boutiques, and arts venues also gain from upticks in the tourist trade. Then there are the once-removed vendors – businesses like brochure printers – that do not directly interact with travelers but profit each time a tourist takes a pamphlet out of a rack.

Kimberly Adams, president and CEO of the Visitors Bureau cited “…a continuing upward trend for revenue, hotel occupancy, and average daily rate” as signs that the future of tourism is bright Temecula, and the welcome mat is out for visitors.