Reggae fans gather near Temecula

May 14, 2012 by  

On June 5th, fans of reggae are invited to attend the first annual Reggae Soul Roll Expo in Fallbrook. Just 20 minutes outside of Temecula, California, the Reggae Soul Roll Expo promises to deliver quality entertainment with name-brand giveaways, music, food, fashion, and sample products. The event will feature music from Khari Kill, Roots Vision, Irusalem, Madison Row, Social Green, 7 Seal Dub, and many more. Sponsored by Guitar Center, the expo offers the chance for attendees to win items from Sector 9, Electric, Irie Nation, and other reggae-related companies.

The event staff advertised for the Reggae Soul Roll Expo by handing out printed flyers at clubs and the along the beach. Some of the performers, like Scha Scha, a singer in Irusalem, noted that many people were surprised and excited that an event like this would take place near Temecula. The event’s headliner, Khari Kill, is very popular among reggae enthusiasts, having grown up with the sound of early reggae and a variety of other musical genres, and states that he always enjoys performing in California. He has never been to Fallbrook but is looking forward to adding the city to his list of destinations, which includes cities throughout California and Europe.

With a low admission of $10, this event is perfect for music lovers, families, and individuals on a budget. To reach this dynamic and diverse crowd, consider contacting your local print company to create printed flyers, brochures, postcards, and business cards to spread the word about local businesses or events which concert-goers can use.