Local wine industry gears up for new season

February 18, 2012 by  

Temecula Valley wine tour season will soon crank into overdrive. Local wineries are busy putting the spit and polish on their grounds and tasting rooms in preparation for hoards of oenophiles that will soon flock to the Southern California’s burgeoning wine country.

Vintners in the Temecula Valley AVA owe part of their success to a long, relatively rain-free growing season and a unique climate. The Luiseno Indians described this region as “Land where the sun shines through the mist.” Clear crisp nights give way to cold, heavy, ocean currents that creep through the hills as morning approaches, forming moisture-laden layers of fog that drape the valley. By midmorning, the strong Southern California sun burns off the fog and begins the process of warming well-drained soil, comprised of decomposing granite. The soil and climate are partners in the magical chemistry of fine wine grapes.

However, growing vines, harvesting grapes, and massaging juice into fine wine is only part of the story.

Growing a market demand and marketing the product is just as important to the success of a winery. Much of the off season is devoted to sending marketing copy to local print companies who then crank the presses for high end brochure printing, postcard printing, flyer, printing, poster printing, stationery printing, catalog, printing, banner printing, and business card printing.

The wine industry stimulates a vibrant local economy by luring tourists and wine lovers to the region where they have a variety of lodging options from which to enjoy leisurely public and private wine tours, as well as shopping, dining, concerts, plays, and a host of other exciting entertainment options.