Bluegrass festival shows country music’s origins

March 26, 2012 by  

The forerunner to country music, bluegrass, was showcased recently at the Old Town Temecula Bluegrass Festival. This style of music is one of the few genres that is uniquely American in origin and style. A typical bluegrass band includes string instruments like the banjo, mandolins, and bass guitars.

Bluegrass musician, Mike Nadolson, helped event organizers select a great mix of homegrown talent as well as national stars. For Nadolson, the guitar player and lead vocalist for the Silverado Bluegrass Band, the event was as much about giving a history lesson as it was about putting on a great show. He explained that before music moved to electric stuff, bluegrass was the origins of country music, using fiddles and banjos. Nadolson continued that country music has electric guitar, bass and drums but bluegrass is often mostly acoustic.

The Old Temecula Community Theater housed the event and featured performances by Bluegrass Etc and Dan Crary and Thunderation, in addition to Nadolson’s Silverado Bluegrass Band. According to Nadolson, the theater provided listeners with a unique acoustic experience, with the room providing an excellent sound stage for the music. The event also provided workshops for attendees interested in learning how to play instruments like the mandolin and banjo.

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