Getting personal in an online age

February 18, 2012 by  

In a world of ever-increasing online networking some people worry about personal isolation. Sure, we have our blogging communities, our Facebook and Twitter friends, we have online professional networks, goal setting, book sharing, music trading, and dating networks. There’s even a social media management tool available for the most harried business professionals, but what about the good old face-to-face or hand-in-hand relationships? Are they going the way of Kodak?

Meetup is to the rescue. Meetup is a web-based network that enables groups of local citizens to come together in their own community to improve themselves or some aspect of their professional or social community.
Take, for example, a group of young, software developers living in a small community like Tarzana, California. Spending much of their lives locked in a room with an array of electronics, these folks need real face-to-face connections. That’s where Meetup shines. Meetup provides a platform from which spontaneous gatherings share a meal together and enjoy shop talk.

At Meetup mixers, participants share industry news, innovations, and experiences. Some Meetup groups work with sponsors to provide membership perks for discounts on industry related tools, books, seminars, or workshops. Besides networking professionally, these meetings provide an opportunity for personal connection in a social setting with like-minded people. Where else might a group of developers get away with jabbering in Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, Clojure, Objective-C?

Meetup is another potential niche for print companies to shine by providing digital business cards, brochure printers, flyer printing, and business card printing.