Fourth of July Festival coming up

June 22, 2012 by  

Although Studio City residents have a once-in-a -year event to attend in the form of the Fourth of July Fireworks Festival, local professionals also have plenty to be excited about with “LA’s Largest Mixer” taking place just a few weeks after the festival.

In recognition of the holiday, there will be a Fourth of July Fireworks Festival. Beginning in the afternoon with a start time of 4:30 pm, this event expected to last for a full five hours with things wrapping up at around 9:30 pm. Being hosted at the CBS Studio Center, this already shows signs of being a fantastic opportunity to celebrate in style.

With this event featuring a Tom Petty tribute band, as well as a formidable performer in Pete Anderson, organizers are clearly pulling out all the stops with this one. The sheer number of activities listed in the event description is enough to confirm this point. Those who are interested in purchasing tickets are being encouraged to get in touch.

The event that business owners will want to contact local printing companies over is none other than “LA’s Largest Mixer.” Taking place July 19 at 5:00 pm, this four-hour event is going to be a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with a number of decision-makers. With the cost of entrance currently set at a mere $20, those present at this one will want to come armed with enough flyer printing and business cards to go around. Exhibitors may well require even more printing services for the mixer.