Taking the job search to the street

February 18, 2012 by  

Unemployment in the Stockton area has taken on a new visibility. After being shut out during a month of hard, door-to-door and online job searching, Christine Grant took her pursuit to the street. Dressed in a sharp business suit, impeccably groomed, and holding a sign advertising her skills and her despair, Grant transformed herself into a walking, talking billboard.

No day laborer, looking for odd jobs or a cash handout, Grant is a highly qualified white-collar worker. She at one time worked as an accountant for Riverside County. Facing eviction, Grant grew disillusioned by the lack of personal contact and follow-through on the dozens of applications she had filled out.

Although she garnered no job offers during her day on the street, she said the response of passing drivers had been positive. There were lots of friendly honks and thumbs up. If her street corner didn’t do it for her that day, perhaps the news piece in Recordnet.com on February 10th helped her cause. The first comment below the article was a job offer for a secretarial position.

Perhaps there is a new market on the horizon for local printing companies. If more white-collar workers take their job searches to the street, print companies may enjoy an uptick in poster printing as upscale workers seek to legitimize their personal job search. Imagine an uptick in brochure and flyer printing and, of course, business card printing for that ultra-prepared and professionally equipped street-side job search.