Stockton ready for weekend pet program

April 29, 2013 by  

PetSmart Charities provide a program across the nation that supports saving the lives of homeless pets, as well as raising awareness in related issues, and will be devoting this weekend to adoption.

Healthy relationships are promoted between owners and pets via adoption, rescue programs, spay and neutering support, and emergency relief, which is why PetSmart stores frequently host these adoption days.

With millions of dogs and cats in need of loving homes, people looking to add a pet to their family would do well to drop by and check out the selection. Often, purebred dogs are up for adoption so finding a particular breed is readily achieved.

PetSmart made the corporate and ethical decision not to sell cats and dogs. By hosting and support adoption days nationally, the chain is providing much needed support in finding homes for the animals.

Print companies are often approached to provide printing services for adoption events. Flyer printing is common so that material can be distributed from many points to announce the upcoming event and develop interest in people popping by.

PetSmart provides many services related to pets, including grooming, training, and veterinarian services through Banfield Pet Hospital. Adopting a pet from PetSmart makes it easy to develop a relationship with the various service providers to ensure the pet is well-cared for throughout his or her life. Adopting a pet is a big decision and should be viewed as a lifetime commitment for the pet.

It all takes place this weekend, May 3 – 5, at the PetSmart in Stockton, California.