State Arts Council to get Assembly backing

August 3, 2013 by  

Stockton’s art enthusiasts have received a welcome boost, after the State Assembly promised a $2 million investment in the area’s creative scene.

According to the Assembly’s 2013 operating budget, the California Arts Council will get the cash to help artists, studios, and galleries at a local level. The money, which will be routed to support education programs in Stockton and throughout the state, is also expected to encourage the large number of people working in the field.

It has been clearly stated that the cash will not be used on administration of the Council. Instead, it will be designated to putting on events and programs. Some of the cash will also likely be used on advertising.

Getting the message out there, through poster printing and with the other help that local print companies provide, is going to be key to giving the arts a higher profile.

The chair of the California Arts Council, Wylie Aitken, said of the investment:

“This investment in the arts shows that Speaker Pérez and a supportive Governor recognize the importance of the arts to our State’s economy and the needs of our creative workforce.

“This is a positive first step to gain support for measures that will increase California’s arts funding and investment in future budgets.”

An important part of the California affect, the council believes that investment in the arts can bring profound benefits.

As well as boosting the economy at a lower level, it also believes it can play a part on the larger stage and bring many social benefits too.