San Joaquin County Fair coming up fast

May 28, 2013 by  

One of the premier county fairs in Northern California is heading once again to Stockton between in a couple of weeks, promising five fun-packed days with carnivals, concerts, exhibits, food, agriculture, livestock, and horse racing. The event will take place at the University Waterfront Plaza on West Fremont Street.

Children are free of charge and welcome to attend. Ticket prices are only $3 for anyone 13 years or older, making it affordable for families to attend this fun event. Tickets include free entrance to all entertainment performances. Ride tickets cost just $25 for an unlimited number of fairground rides, and there are certainly plenty of rides from which to choose.

Junior livestock exhibitors are actively encouraged at this traditional county fair with divisions for cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbits, and goats. This provides a fantastic opportunity not only for the junior exhibitors but for all children to watch and learn about traditional farm animals.

Other exhibitor and completion categories are available. The entity website has exhibitor application information for anyone interested in participating.

County fairs frequently use printing services from local print companies for materials needed to manage the event. Visibility and signage is important at large events, with simultaneous activities taking place. Banner printing is common practice as the banners are used to direct foot traffic to various places within the venue.

The fair is open between 12 noon and midnight over June 12 – 16, although some of the buildings and exhibits close at 10:00 pm.