April fun with asparagus awaits

February 28, 2013 by  

The 2013 Stockton Asparagus Festival is scheduled for late April and guarantees a fresh and fun experience for everyone. The Best of the West Food Fest event will feature many activities and a full schedule of entertainment.

The Chef of the Fest event, Mark Berkner, will be in charge of the three days of activity on stage including the competing chefs during the festival. Many local chefs along with culinary students will take part in competitions similar to the ‘Chopped’ style seen on television.

Whether someone participates for fun or in a serious tone, the deep fried asparagus eating competition heats up the show. Participation is free for those 18 and older. First place prize is $1,500, second place is $750, and third place is $500.

The Asparazone creates a festive and fun environment for kids of all ages. Starting with the Velocity Circus presenting crazy tricks, children will enjoy time in this area. A sea lion encounter will prove to be a highlight of the day for youngsters. Of course, another must-see is Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog showing off his best tricks.

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With the event set for April 26 – 28, the Stockton Asparagus Fest website has all information pertaining the event as well as ticket, parking, volunteer and sponsorship details.