Valley warms up for the Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon

September 27, 2012 by  

The Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon will take place in just a few days, beginning in the Los Penasquitos Canyon parking area on Sorrento Valley Blvd. To qualify for this event, runners must break two hours in one of three Dirt Devil Half Marathons: Foxy Half, Cougar Half, or Wildhorse Half.

The Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon is by invitation only and will feature the fastest runners in a highly competitive environment. Allowing only 50 competitors, runners compete in their relative speed divisions regardless of age or gender. The marathon will consist of both double and single-track trails.

A five hour cut-off rule is in place and will be enforced, meaning those people not completing the marathon within that time frame will be escorted back to the start area and will surrender their bibs.
For the competitors completing the race, shirts and finisher awards will be given out. Prizes total over $1,000 with 1st place receiving $100, 2nd place receiving $75, and 3rd place claiming $50.

Printing companies generally assist organizers of marathons with print services like flyer and banner printing. Banners are used to direct people to specific areas as well as to mark places along the running trails. They are hung high and are easily seen by crowds. Poster printing is also a common project as posters are distributed to strategic outlets prior to events to draw attention, usually resulting in greater attendance.

Check in for the event participants will start at 5:30 am this Sunday, September 30, with the race starting half an hour later. For more information about the Dirty Invitational Trail Marathon, visit the website.