Sorrento Valley to keep blood supply in check

November 23, 2012 by  

In partnership with the Red Cross, Scripps is hosting a blood drive in the San Diego/Sorrento Valley region on December 13 from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

To avoid blood shortages at any given time, it is important for blood banks to always maintain an adequate supply of blood in the event of an emergency. The public is relied upon to generously donate blood.

There are many reasons to give blood, most importantly, to keep a strong supply in the local area. Secondly, it does not take much time or effort, yet it is a huge contribution to society and saves lives.

Prior to the actual blood donation, a mini physical is conducted, checking pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin count, and temperature. Many people look at this as a free benefit as there is absolutely no charge.

The Red Cross recommends preparing for the blood donation prior to arrival. Donors should have a light meal and drink lots of fluids, but no alcohol. Two forms of identification will be required and, if in possession of a donor’s card, it should be presented as well. A list of any medications currently being taken should be brought to the donor center for review by the medical personnel.

Printing companies often work with blood donor, rescue, and responder centers in producing informative materials. Flyer printing is a common task, as flyers are used to communicate information about donating blood and posting dates and times of the local blood drives.

For more information on how to donate blood, visit the Red Cross website.