San Diego Ranks as the Country’s 8th Greenest City

April 27, 2012 by  

A recent poll has designated San Diego as the 8th greenest city in the country. The ranking, by Travel + Leisure online magazine, rated U.S. cities on criteria including cleanliness, if the streets are pedestrian-friendly, public transit and public parks. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and the urban heat island effect by having less paved areas in cities and encouraging non-vehicular transit.

Among the positive attributes cited by the magazine, San Diego is home to more than 700 clean technology companies in the region, many in Sorrento Valley. They also noted that the electric car rental service in downtown San Diego, Car2Go, offers an affordable alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles. The huge expanse of farmland surrounding the city was also a notable attribute. The city’s close proximity to high quality beaches also rated high in Travel + Leisure’s Greenest City poll.

Printing companies in San Diego can contribute to the eco-friendly designation by offering recycled and chlorine-free paper for flyer printing, banner printing, catalog printing and business card printing. Businesses in Sorrento Valley can take initiatives such as putting a “Think Green” logo on stationary printing, business card printing and brochure printing , a non-aggressive effort to get the “reduce, re-use, recycle” message out to customers. Subtle marketing a business as “green” can help a business reach a new audience that it hasn’t accessed before.

More information on how San Diego ranks for this and other polls can be found online on the Travel + Leisure website.