Inaugural music festival to start September

July 15, 2012 by  

The SoCal Music Festival is scheduled for September 1 at East Village in the San Diego area, near Sorrento Valley. A brand new event to the area, the festival is aptly named after the famous Southern California lifestyle which includes music, sunny days, beach parties, and art. The Saturday festival starts at 2:00 pm and continues until midnight.

Five blocks in the East Village area will transform into a festival environment that features art, music, paint, 3D and 4D visuals, and sculpting. There will be four stages featuring headlining bands along with electronic dance music artists, inviting everyone to get up and dance to the beat.

Local artists will sculpt life-sized art pieces, reflecting the Southern California spirit as the audience watches in an interactive setting.

Sports enthusiasts can participate in freestyle skateboarding and motocross competitions. These two events will create extreme sports zones for the festival attendees to watch and cheer on throughout each competition.

To complete the SoCal experience, a fireworks show will take place in the evening to light up the summer night skies of the San Diego region.

Several companies have partnered with the SoCal Festival team including McFarlane Promotions, Inc, RMD Group, and Sorrento Valley and San Diego printing companies are no doubt working with the event organizers and various professional participants in providing printing services such as flyer, banner, and poster printing.

SoCal Festival tickets can be purchased online on their website or at the gate the day of the event. For more information on the SoCal Music Festival, contact 619-233-5008.