Charity event says ‘good on you’

June 25, 2013 by  

On October 26th, participants from the Sorrento Valley area in Southern California will once again take to the streets for the Good on You 5K charity run and walk. This will be the fourth time that this event has taken place and once again it will be raising awareness about a range of charities at the same time as organizing and hosting an event that is great fun for all the family.

The Good on You 5k run and walk is aimed at all members of the family no matter how young or old they may be and no matter how much running experience they might have. This event is done for the fun of it and not for heavy competition. As such,there is a strong history of doing the race in fancy dress and costumes in order to promote some of the charities and to add a little more variety to the event. Costumes can be anything that does not present a hazard to other participants and could be anything family-friendly.

Printing companies supply materials for events of this type including banner printing. Banners are used to provide directional guidance to the participants as well as promotional information within the venue. They are printed on sturdy vinyl and have a long shelf and can withstand weather elements.

There are no time limits so this is a great event for both young and young at heart, fancy dressed or sensibly dressed, regular runners or first time participants in an organized event. Visit the event site for more information.