Balboa Park ahead of the game with festive plans

October 30, 2013 by  

The country’s premier festival for the holidays, Balboa Park December Nights, will mark its 35th year in the San Diego and Sorrento Valley region in a few weeks. Bringing family and friends together for a weekend filled with joy is the goal of the event.

At least 350,000 visitors are expected to be in attendance for this year’s free festival. Food, music, and entertainment will be available from across the world. Leading performers will be hand for musical and dance shows.

A range of food will contribute to holiday cheer, and a popular entity participating in the food festival is the International Christmas Festival at the House of Pacific Relations Cottages. Attendees will have a wide choice of traditional holiday goodies, and unique shopping will take place at museum stores, as well as with the Spanish Village artisans.

Plaza de California will be the location for the annual Santa Lucia Procession, where people can immerse themselves in the holiday spirit. Musical presentations will feature performances from a variety of local performing groups. The displays and recitals are designed to be suitable for all ages.

Local print companies frequently get involved with festivals like this in producing materials to market the event. Banner printing is a common process, as banners can be placed throughout a region in advance to stimulate interest and increase attendance. They are also used in vendor booths in many cases.

The event is scheduled for December 6 and 7. Visit the website for complete details.