SOFA, so good in Santa Rosa

September 27, 2013 by  

The next Sofa Stroll in Santa Rosa will take place in October as neighborhood artists invite visitors into their studios during the SOFA Stroll on South ‘A’ Street. Other businesses in the area, such as restaurants, bars, boutiques, and tourist attractions, will open their doors as well.

There are more than 40 studios in the district, so these events give the public an opportunity to meet the artists and learn about their specific artistic talents. SOFA is comprised of artists working with galleries and businesses to increase visibility in the community and create appreciation of contemporary art, as well as performing arts.

The city presents these Sofa Strolls every month, generally on the third Thursday, for the purpose of promoting the art district and to generate interest. As the awareness of the district increases, the revenues brought into the community increase as well.

Promoting community events is easily handled when working with a local print company. Poster printing presents a viable tool for communicating upcoming events, since posterscan be hung on walls, doors, in windows or distributed.

Sponsors play an important part in keeping the SOFA Strolls alive as well. Some of those to have pledged their support include Bicycle Czar, Callahan Art Co., Dierks Parkside Café, and Riley Street Art Supply. Others interested in becoming a sponsor should contact the SOFA Stroll organizers. More information is available on the entity’s website.

There are only two days left of this special event for 2013: October 17 and November 17.