SOFA so good for Santa Rosa Artwalk

August 9, 2013 by  

The rising arts scene in Santa Rosa became even more noticeable over the weekend, as the two-day Artwalk came to town.

The third running of the event in the SOFA (South of A Street) neighborhood, it featured works by over 20 artists across the Saturday and Sunday.

The event, which was well-publicized in the run up through poster and flyer printing, is all about encouraging people to explore the area. It is also about challenging them to take an interest in art in the area.

Talking about Artwalk and the area, gallery manager Barbara Harris said:

“What we’re trying to do is draw attention to the SOFA neighborhood. A lot of people don’t know it’s here.”

Harris, who is also an artist herself, went on to say how SOFA is now an amazing neighborhood, even though she once found it a scary part of town. She cited the recent new opening of a theater and restaurants to highlight the change in atmosphere here, saying:

“It’s not just the arts. It’s arts and culture. It makes for a vibrant community.”

It is also seemingly attracting a more exclusive crowd too. John Lasseteer of ‘Toy Story’ creating fame was spotted enjoying a family lunch at Spinster Sisters restaurant.

It is not clear whether he enjoyed Artwalk while he was in town, but many people certainly did.

Further underpinning just what a success the two-day show is, early reports indicated that there were 10 times the usual number of people in SOFA over the weekend.