Seven fish heaven for Santa Rosa diners

December 18, 2013 by  

D’Argenzio Family Winery is inviting people to come out and celebrate its seasonal ‘Feast of the Seven Fish’ at the D’Argenzio family table, but they need to book their place today to avoid disappointment.

This is an opportunity for people to get together over the holidays and enjoy the festive season with some fine food. The winery may have used brochure, poster, and flyer printing services to tell people in this area about this lovely function.

The D’Argenzio family has carried on this traditional feast now for the past hundred years, extending back to the ancestors that lived in Campania and Puglia, Italy. Guests will enjoy a tasty bowl of cioppino (fish stew), some traditional Italian bread, and a glass of the vineyard’s wine.

In Southern Italy, where this tradition started, this event is celebrated on Christmas Eve and is also renowned at ‘La Vigilia’, or the Vigil. In Italian, it is known as “Festa dei Sette Pesci”, and offers a chance to share a little of Italy this holiday season.

Tickets for this event are $30 per person for wine club members and $40 per person for the general public, and can be booked no later than today. The D’Argenzio Winery Feast of Seven Fish will be held on Friday, December 20, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the D’Argenzio Winery located at 1301 Cleveland Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. To find out more, please visit winery’s website or call it at 707-546-2466.