Jazz and Art Fest to Revamp Parks

April 25, 2012 by  

The City of Santa Rosa’s Recreation and Parks Department is putting on a Jazz and Art celebration, with proceeds going to revitalize two of the city’s beloved and most prominent landscapes, Prince Memorial Greenway and Prince Gateway Park. The afternoon of sound and visual delight will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2012, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm, at the Church of One Tree on Sonoma Avenue.

Featured artists include jazz singer Steve Puleo who will be releasing his latest CD “Smile”, and Samuel Farinato, an accomplished photographer and painter who will be displaying his collection “Into the Unseen”. The fun-filled afternoon of live music and a gallery exhibit will have plenty of refreshments, and provide citizens an opportunity to experience the top-quality artwork firsthand. All proceeds from ticket sales will be allocated to beautifying parkland.

Artists such as Samuel Farinato often work hand in hand with printing companies for the reproduction of their artwork. Small-scale promotional tools such as brochure printing and postcard printing, and large-scale poster printing are often the best methods to reproduce artwork that is stunningly beautiful and affordable for those who don’t have the means to purchase the original. A number of Farinato’s posters, including “Thought and Memory”, and “Sad Samurai” can be purchased from the artist’s website.

The afternoon will be a celebration of artistry and community, and will be your chance to contribute to revitalizing Santa Rosa’s parks. Tickets can be purchased online on the City’s website, or by calling (707) 543-3282.