Confusion to reign over comedy play

January 17, 2014 by  

‘Victor – Victoria’, a popular play for many years, comes back to a local theater this weekend. A classic comedy based on the book by Blake Edwards, the playhouse may have promoted this production to the people of Santa Rosa, as well as those in surrounding areas, using poster printing and other promotional printing services.

The setting is Paris, France and the persona of this character could be male or female, but nobody is quite sure. The play seeks to be appealing and fun while it create confusion, yet sophisticated and faithful to the movie by the same name.

The story is based on the character Victoria Grant, a renowned female impersonator, who falls in love with King Marchan, a macho man. It includes the musical numbers ‘Crazy World’, ‘Paris by Night’, ‘Living in the Shadows’, ‘Trust Me’, ‘Almost a Love Song’, ‘You and Me’, and ‘Le Jazz Hot’.

As the story unfolds, the complications of life make it both hilarious and tenderly touching. Music for the production was created by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Leslie Bruicusse.

Tickets cost $28 per adult, $23 per student or senior, and $15 per child. The Victor – Victoria performance will be happening tomorrow evening, January 18, at 8:00 pm at the 6th Street Playhouse located at 52 West 6th Street in Santa Rosa, California. To purchase tickets, or to find out more about this production, please visit the 6th Street Playhouse Theatre website or call the box office today.