Two is company, but it may soon take three to be a carpool

April 9, 2013 by  

Carpooling Santa Ana residents, whose commute includes one of California’s many freeways, may find their drive to work accomplished more quickly and smoothly in the future.

According to an article in the Orange County Register, the California Department of Transportation (Caltran) is looking into ways to improve the performance of carpool lanes on many of the state’s freeways.

It is anticipated that one change likely to take place is the increase of minimum occupancy levels from two to three people per car for those wishing to use the carpool lane. Caltran is evaluating every freeway in the state, but as Orange County’s freeways are considered some of the busiest, it is likely they will be among the first to see any changes.

Although finding a third person for those participating in a two-person carpool may be an inconvenience, it may be worth the trouble if the result is to provide a smoother commute. Contacting printing companies to advertise for riders well in advance of any changes made by Caltran will enable interested parties to be prepared in good time. With poster printing, drivers can hopefully prepare for any coming changes.

Caltran’s particular interest in carpool lanes at this time is prompted by pressure from the federal government, which wants California to improve the commuting times for its carpool lanes. During rush hour, many of these lanes are so heavily congested that they function no better than the non-carpool lanes.