Santa Ana parents to get say on school spending

March 31, 2014 by  

Meeting are being held in a variety of locations throughout the Santa Ana school district, where parents and members of the community can weigh in on school spending under the LCFF (local control funding formula).

Some meetings have already taken place but there are plenty more scheduled from now through the middle of April.

The Local Control Funding Formula was passed in 2013 and it is hoped that it will be able to focus more greatly on responding to the needs of local students. Funds will be directed more toward students that are in low-income households, students in foster care, and students for whom English is a second language. The new law also gives communities more input in how local resources will be spent.

Santa Ana Unified anticipates receiving around $37m in extra funds during the fiscal year commencing July 1. This extra money represents approximately a 10% increase compared to the last fiscal year. In another two years, the extra money is expected to be about $84m. Per state law, an accountability plan with three year goals to be updated annually is required.

Schools have multiple uses for paper products. Stationery printers provide schools with letterheads, posters and flyers as well as doing business card printing for administrators.
Sessions are taking place today, tomorrow, and over April 14 – 16. A full schedule can be viewed at the Santa Ana Unified School District website.