Orange County Archives may find new home

January 8, 2014 by  

A plan has been announced to relocate the Orange County Archives.

The county records have had a home in the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana since its construction over 100 years ago. Recently, a lack of available space has brought this arrangement into question.

The files are an eclectic collection that includes official records chronicling the history of the county from before it even was a county. Every year more documents are stored and the available space decreases. Everyone involved is not in agreement on what should be done to fix the situation, but one suggestion is to move the records to a library at Cal State Fullerton.

According the the Orange County Register, those who favor the move say the library would provide the needed room in a people friendly environment as opposed to the courthouse basement. Additionally, there is the thought that students at Fullerton could prove instrumental in digitizing the records.

Some county officials and local historians prefer for the records to remain where they are. They feel it is more centrally located and point to the historical significance of the old courthouse. Historians feel a better solution would be to claim more of the courthouse’s space for the County Archives. Currently the area where the records are kept is shared by the Pacific Coast Archeological Society and the Orange County Office of Protocol.

Many counties in California as well as the rest of the country, find that by using printing services they can inform the public about the various local government offices, their location and their hours of operation.