New ride grand prize in high school attendance awards

June 13, 2013 by  

As though the virtue of having perfect attendance were not enough, a local Chevrolet dealership presented a brand new car to one high school student who accomplished this feat. The lucky student from the Santa Ana School District was chosen from among 700 high school students with perfect attendance.

Newspaper accounts said the car, as well as a variety of door prizes, was given at an event held at the Guaranty Chevrolet dealership in Santa Ana last Saturday, June 8. This year marks the seventh year that Guaranty Chevrolet has participated by donating a new car. Last year’s winner was Giovanni Amigon, a sophomore; he won a 2012 Chevy sonic. This year’s car was a Chevy Spark and was won by Melissa Garcia.

Events like this provide advertisement and goodwill well beyond their cost to the sponsors. In addition, a congratulatory banner or the inclusion of the event and the dealership’s participation in their stationery printing will no doubt prolong the beneficial effects.

Adriana’s Insurance, another participant, provided help with this year’s winning student’s insurance needs. Adriana’s reputation for good works in their community is well established with their donations to St. Jude Hospital and the Coalition for Humane Immigrants’ Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA).

Giving back to the community is a win-win situation for a business. A benefit is provided to the community as well as to the donating business. The company name is publicized and the inclusion of its support can be utilized in its own custom print materials.