Marin County Fair scheduled

February 21, 2014 by  

The Marin County Fair in San Rafael has been scheduled in July this year. The fair is an annual event offering activities, attractions, concerts, exhibits and fun for the whole family.

There will be some new events and contests this year including “Build a Ferris Wheel” from recycled material. The wheels can be up to five feet tall. Sock puppet design contest will provide a lot of fun for families. The first 150 people who enter the sock puppet contest will receive a free sock.

Plate decorating with any type of paint and objects will award prizes for the Best Painted Plate, Best Mixed Media Plate and Best Fair Theme. T-shirt decorating will allow fabric paint, sequins, glitter, needlework and any type of material desired.

A fun activity this year is beach ball art. Decorate a beach ball with the first 50 entrants receiving the ball to decorate. Handprint art will be available for family members. Bird house decorating is a unique activity along with using bird feeders, bird baths, or bird cages.

Another new contest this year is adult photography featuring people smiling. Best Posed Smile, Best Candid Smile, Best Group Smiles and Best Friends Smiles will receive award.

Outdoor festivals and events often use banner printing to create needed signage. The banners can be placed throughout the venue. The event will be held July 2-6, 2014.