Brooks Island kayaking adventure

June 25, 2013 by  

On August 3 a special Brooks Island Kayaking Adventure will be held with guided hiking tours and kayaking across the bay. Participants from neighboring communities are expected to participate. The preserved shoreline in the island is generally closed to visitors but will be open for this one day activity.

Brooks Island is a Regional Preserve that is located in California’s San Francisco Bay, just off the Richmond Inner Harbor not far from San Rafael. The island is part of the 373 acres that makes up the reserve. The body of the island is what remains of an ancient mountain range that used to lie just to the west of San Francisco. The island is home to a wide range of wildlife that includes herons, egrets and also harbor seals.

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Although the island is no longer inhabited by humans, it was inhabited for over 2,000 years but the Native American Ohlones, who made the most of the abundant food sources provided by the sea. Now the island is protected as a wildlife reserve and visitors can only go there as part of organized groups.

For the slightly less adventurous, there are also visits that take visitors over to the island by boat rather than kayak. More information can be found on the venue’s website.