San Mateo hosts the 2012 Central Park Music Series

July 5, 2012 by  

The City of San Mateo is presenting the 2012 Central Park Music Series, an annual summer musical event held at Central Park located on the corner of El Camino Real and 5th Avenue.

Concerts are held every Thursday night from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm through August 9. Admission is free for this popular family-friendly event.

The summer concerts bring friends and family together to socialize, spend time with each other, and dance to the sounds of a variety of musical genres. Well-known bands, along with local talent, are included in the line-up for the remaining concerts. Rebel Yell, Julio Bravo, California Cowboys, Bed E. Luv Orchestra, and Busta-Groove are all on the summer agenda to perform. Visit the individual band websites for information about the groups and types of music featured by each of them.

Printing companies are coordinating print projects such as banner, flyer, and poster printing, with the event organizers and individual bands. San Mateo printing services are an important component in assisting with the promotion of the concert series.

The City of San Mateo supports a green environment and has made arrangements to encourage recycling at the events. While lots of garbage cans are placed throughout the park, additional efforts have been initiated in the goal to maintain a green environment. Colored bins are in place with proper signage to encourage recycling. The green bins are for food and paper, blue bins are for cans and bottles, and the black bins are for non-recyclable trash.

Visit the City of San Mateo website for more information on the Central Park Music Series or call the Parks and Recreation division at 650-522-7400.