San Francisco area draws increasing Chinese investment

February 26, 2014 by  

A Chinese association of realtors named the ‘Tsinghua Real Estate CEO Chamber of Commerce’, is partnering with San Francisco’s Kidder Matthews, a giant of local commercial real estate.

The two firms are teaming up to assist Chinese businesses that want to invest in the Bay Area. Tsinghua represents more than 3,000 Chinese realtors, and was founded at the university of the same name, and is described as a “non-profit social organization”, as well as an industry association of national proportions.

Tsinghua has other operations located in the San Francisco area, such as InnoSpring, a U.S.-China Silicon Valley technology incubator, which was launched by one of Tsinghua’s branches in 2012. A new lab was opened last month at InnoSpring in order to furnish a base for Tsinghua students, entrepreneurs, and researchers who are moving into the organization’s network.

While neither Kidder Matthews nor Tsinghua have discussed their partnership in detail, it is known that the Chinese organization wants to buy both residential and commercial properties in the region. However, Tsinghua is not the only Chinese company interested in the Bay Area’s real estate; last year the Vanke Group, which is China’s biggest real estate developer, invested $175m in a new condo project.

City officials could work with brochure printers to develop an item for other Chinese companies, describing the investment opportunities in the city.