San Franciscans turn out en masse to support Batkid

November 26, 2013 by  

In a city-wide show of support, San Franciscans turned out in droves to support “Batkid”, a five-year-old named Miles Scott who has been battling leukemia since he was 18 months old.

While Miles was ill, he became enamored by superheroes. The Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Miles what he wanted most, and he said he wanted to be ‘Batkid’. With the help of San Francisco city officials, police officers, and residents, his wish was granted.

Miles’s day as Batkid began Friday, November 15, when Greg Surh, the chief of police, gave a televised press conference asking if anyone knew where Batkid was. Surh said he needed the superhero’s help to save Gotham City/San Francisco from the Penguin and the Riddler.

Batkid, accompanied by an adult Batman, went to crime scenes around the city. He disabled a fake bomb to save a damsel-in-distress who had been tied to cable car tracks, right in the nick of time. The crimestoppers also foiled a robbery attempt by the Riddler and had to deal with the Penguin, who had kidnapped Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants’ mascot. As part of the set-up, Batkid and Batman tailed Penguin, freed Seal, and turned the criminal over to the police.

Nearly 12,000 people turned out to make the day memorable for Miles. He received a video message from President Obama and was honored by Ed Lee, San Francisco’s mayor. The San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition of the paper chronicling Miles’s exploits, which will no doubt lend itself nicely to future poster and postcard printing.