January to provide food for thought

January 2, 2014 by  

This month looks set to be a great one to be a foodie in San Francisco, as Restaurant Month arrives in Napa Valley, about an hour south of the city.

The Napa Valley is world-famous for the many wineries, but it is also home to a number of outstanding restaurants, many of which are offering gourmet meals at special rates. The valley has more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than any other similar region in the world, which makes it a mecca for those who know delicious food.

Restaurants are offering a diverse range of foods and facilities. At The Restaurant at Auberge, diners can enjoy a chef’s choice luncheon in the dining room overlooking the Napa Valley itself. The Solbar at Solage Calistoga, which has won the coveted Michelin star four times, offers healthy, seasonal, locally-sourced foods. The Grill at Meadowood is part of a resort and offers foods gathered from the Meadowood garden. Finally, at the Siena Restaurant, the blended tastes of California and Italy can be enjoyed.

It appears that a mouthwatering experience awaits those in the “City by the Bay” who make the short trip to Napa. Many of the restaurants are offering set-price meals so visitors can avoid surprises, and B&Bs, inns, and hotels have devised special packages for the month-long event.

Napa Valley restaurateurs could work with a catalog printing company to create a booklet featuring their menus, locations, and hours so that visitors can plan their excursions before arrival.