U.S. Navy to Undergo Extensive Expansion in San Diego

April 22, 2012 by  

San Diego’s fleet is about to grow larger according to the U.S. Navy’s expansion plans announced this week. The expansion plans for the world’s largest military-industrial complex are in keeping with the U.S. military’s recent shift of focus toward Asia and the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is one of other coastal cities to benefit from the change in the U.S military’s defense strategy.

The Pentagon announced that two additional aircraft carriers and ten surface ships will be added to the fleet in San Diego by 2017.

Overall, the Navy currently has 58 ships based in San Diego, as well as six submarines. The additional vessels will add 8,100 sailors and 6,700 family members to the region, a significant increase in population. The expansion will stimulate a significant economic boost for the city in terms of development for housing and services, and a resulting increased tax base. The large-scale expansion will also result in the need for printing services, such as business card printing , Stationery Printing, and document printing.

The U.S. Defense Department is a significant part of the economy in San Diego, providing 26 percent of all jobs in the region with a $30.5 billion annual economic impact. One out of every four jobs in the region is related to the Defense Department. Many printing companies in San Diego are involved in providing services for the U.S. Navy or for military-related services.

The Navy is committed to continue to work cooperatively with the City to manage the growth strategy and ensure that both the city and the military benefit from the extensive expansion.