San Diego welcomes back its Sicilian showcase

April 25, 2013 by  

This May, the 2013 Sicilian Festival in San Diego will take place in the ‘Little Italy’ neighborhood in this coastal southern California city.

The event was set up by a native of Portocello in Sicily, Mario Cefalu, who had emigrated to the United States decades ago and opened a bakery in Little Italy. He dreamed of having an event celebrating the Sicilian heritage so, in 1993, he licensed the festival and developed the first event, which consisted of a stage and a band.

Food was served by vendors and people began to attend. This year, over 75,000 people are expected to attend the street festival and dozens of local restaurants will present their Italian signature dishes and other tasty treats.

Many vendors display their wares, while also selling their individual ethnic culinary delights. Vendors participating in large events like this one frequently utilize the services of print companies to prepare materials needed for their exhibit space or booths. Business card printing provides an ample supply of often digital business cards to distribute to create brand awareness.

Arts and crafts will be available at the festival along with various goods and items. Music performances will be presented throughout the event. Sponsors participate on well, and there are currently sponsorship opportunities available.

Photos and videos of past Sicilian Festivals in San Diego can be found on the Sicilian Festa website. Transportation information, parking, and general information are also posted there.
This year’s event will be held May 19 – 20