San Diego officials break ground for new elementary school

September 25, 2013 by  

On Saturday, September 7, officials broke ground in Mira Mesa, a San Diego neighborhood, for the new Jonas Salk Elementary School.

Expected to cost approximately $24m, the school is named after the man famed as the discoverer of the first vaccine proven effective in the fight against polio. Scheduled to open in 2015, it will house approximately 700 students.

Construction has been delayed for years due to environmental concerns. The Mira Mesa Town Council says the Flanders Drive site was first graded for school uses in 1980 at the same time homes were built nearby. The building was delayed when vernal pools, which form in depressions in the ground after rain, were found there. The pools are home to fairy shrimp, the presence of which made it necessary for the school district to mitigate any damage that might occur to them during construction. The City of San Diego partnered with Carroll Canyon Vernal Pool Preserve to resolve the situation, but the long delay meant the school had to be designed all over again.

Now, however, the construction is slated to begin, and Peter Salk, son of the famous scientist, helped break ground, along with John Lee Evans (president of the Board of Education), Cindy Marten, and Lorie Zapf.

Officials of the new school could contact a business card printing service to have cards created for faculty and staff members. Beautifully designed cards can create a sense of teamwork and will no doubt increase morale among the school’s employees.