Republican Mayors’ plan sounds familiar

February 17, 2012 by  

On Monday, Feb. 11, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders took his pension-reform campaign to Washington. Every solution requires sacrifice, of course, but the working class feel they seem to feel the sacrifice more than others.

Sanders is proposing June ballot for the measure, which he insists:

“will influence governments nationwide struggling with spiraling pension costs.”

With the exception of police officers, all newly-hired San Diego city employees would receive not a pension, but a ‘401(k)-type plan’ in lieu of a traditional pension.

Furthermore, if the measure passes, city employees can look forward to frozen salaries for the next five years and the revocation of their pensions if they are convicted of an at-work felony. Sanders noted that a San Diego police officer was recently sentenced to eight years in prison.

Unions all over the country are contributing to a campaign to defeat the measure, and they may end up using printing companies for flyer and banner printing in order to gain support. Sanders spoke of the labor unions and talked about the obstacle he believed they created:

“We’ve been the guinea pig in this,” he said. “We’re in for a big battle; labor is already trying to block it.”

Sanders went on to say that San Diego cannot afford “a gold-plated system for retiree pensions and healthcare.”

Regardless of the obvious question of whether this plan is fair or progressive, San Diego citizens will be waiting to see what changes are made and how it will affect them in the future.