Occupiers Protest National Defense Authorization Act

February 17, 2012 by  

Occupiers from all over Southern California gathered in San Diego yesterday to speak against the National Defense Authorization Act in front of the Democratic National Convention. The protestors first gathered in Children’s Park, and Frank Gromlie, a member of the Save The Bill of Rights group, spoke through a bullhorn to all who would listen.

“This act guts the Bill of Rights as well as the first, sixth and eighth amendment of the Constitution,” Gromlie said. “Local politicians all voted for this bill; we now have an emergency in this country, and this act must be repealed.”

The occupiers then began their march, zigzagging through downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp quarter and heading toward the Convention Center, the site of the Democratic National Convention. Utilizing banner printing services from local print companies, protestors marched slowly down Harbor Drive, waving a huge banner that read “Restore Bill of Rights; Repeal the NDAA.”

As the protestors reached the convention center, they were strengthened by a busload of Occupiers from Los Angeles. The crowd assembled in front of Exhibit hall C. Several delegates ventured outside to discuss the protestors’ complaints.

Most notably was Delegate Richard Hall. “I am with you,” Hall declared.

Tom P. Brown also addressed the crowds, getting into a heated discussion with a protestor named Holly. Brown stated that the Democrats were on the same side as the protestors and that although they weren’t perfect, they were close enough. Occupiers seem to disagree, claiming that both parties have failed the people.