A Room with a View opens April

March 12, 2012 by  

Now playing until April 15th, 2012 “A Room with a View” at The Old Globe located at 1363 Old Globe Way in San Diego, California. Doors open at 7:00pm.

This academy winning film, beloved by the masses, has been turned into a new musical production. The setting for this performance takes place amidst the purple rolling hills under the gold sunlight of the Tuscany countryside. In this production, a English girl named Lucy Honeychurch, who has been sheltered from many of life’s harsh realities, meets George Emerson, a freethinking yet adorable man. Lucy, for the first time, fashions herself in love with him and for the very first time is filled with passion and longing. Based on the Edwardian era, poor Lucy must choose between giving up all that she knows, or whether she should bend her morals to modern convention. This timeless story has a magnificent musical score and yet it is romantic, comedic, real, and filled with satire. After watching this production, the mind will be filled with the unforgettable characters and long lasting memories.

The audience will be blown away by the magical score that highlights the emotions displayed by the cast in this production. The reality of this period with the difficulty of the decisions will pull the audience right into “A Room with a View”.

Print companies appear to have completed the ticket run, as tickets are now on sale at the box office. Tickets for this production range from $39 per seat to $123 per seat, depending on seating selection. For additional information or to reserve your tickets, visit The Old Globe’s website or call 619-231-1941.