Weekend blood drive gets into flow

February 15, 2013 by  

For those who want to do a good deed this weekend, a blood drive is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the Vista Hermosa Sports Park. Donors can make contributions to the blood drive next to the pool.

The event is being hosted by the ‘Become a Hero, Be a Donor’ Foundation, which is working with the San Diego Blood Bank to supply blood to the community. Efforts are currently being made to return more than a third of the blood supply to be used at the San Clemente Saddleback Medical Center for this year.

Those interested in donating blood to their community often learn about blood drives and other such activities through flyer printing posted throughout the community in the days or weeks prior to the event. Often, poster printing may also be used to communicate with the public and raise awareness about the need for blood.

Walk-ins are welcomed at the San Clemente blood drive, though those sponsoring the event recommend making an appointment if at all possible, as those who make appointments are likely to get in and back out more quickly than those who walk in to donate blood. The community is being encouraged to pass information about the blood drive on to community groups and friends.

Eighty-eight units of blood were donated at last month’s blood drive, which took place in parking lot of the San Clemente High School. The ‘Be a Hero, Become a Donor’ Foundation hopes to collect at least 40 or more units this month, with tomorrow’s drive taking place from 9:30 am until 2:50 pm.