San Clemente hosts pet presentation

June 20, 2012 by  

San Clemente business owners who specialize in the pet industry have an opportunity to mix and mingle with their peers later in the month. Even so, that will not be the only thing that local professionals have on their plates in the near future. With the announcement of the 7th Annual Visitors Guide, there will be a number of featured Chamber members getting some free advertising.

Beginning on June 26 at 5:30 pm, the Mutt & Member Area Networking Mixer & Expo will require a number of the usual printing services sometimes asked of brochure printers. While there is no question that attendees can expect to see fresh batches of business card printing and flyer printing at the tables, this event is unique in that it is geared towards the pet industry. With Sepulveda Building Materials hosting this one in Laguna Niguel, it’s clear that this event will be well-organized among other things.

With space available to businesses at a cost of $100, the cost certainly will not be prohibitive for this one. Concluding at 7:30 pm, non-exhibitors will be charged $10 if they are chamber members while guests are going to be paying $20.

As was stated in the June newsletter, members who stand to gain from the tourist industry are getting some free exposure in the 7th Annual Visitors Guide. With the chamber making a commitment to the regular distribution of this guide, while at the same time receiving its share of inquiring visitors every week, the advertising potential for the companies who get featured here is something teams can get excited about.