Micro-Brew Fest Among This Month’s Highlights

April 26, 2012 by  

The community of San Clemente enjoyed a recent influx of visitors due to the fact that the Left Coast Brewery along with the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce acted as the hosts for this year’s Micro-Brew Fest.

For those who didn’t see the flyer printing that had likely been making the rounds earlier, the Micro-Brew Fest is an annual event that gives food suppliers and breweries a chance to show people what they’re made of. This year, San Clemente’s Left Coast Brewery was able to enjoy the honor of hosting the second annual event.

Featuring approximately 15 other breweries in total along with the presence of restaurants and live musical talent, this occasion was one of those ones that had a little bit of something for everyone. From the perspective of San Clemente and the vendors, this was an excellent chance to get some exposure. To most of those who were present at this one, however, it was a fun evening and a chance to support a worthwhile cause.

With a fairly large amount of the proceeds going towards the Chamber’s efforts towards military families, this is in many respects a collaborative effort on the part of San Clemente businesses and residents. Between the samples and the entertainment it’s not surprising that hundreds of people came out for this event. According to Patch.com, visitors from the Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties were among those present. No matter which way an individual looks at it, the Micro-Brew Fest was a success.