CEO Space meeting taking place in early June

May 22, 2012 by  

San Clemente professionals who are looking for a supportive networking environment as well as a place to continue developing their skills can’t go wrong looking into what CEO Space is all about. With a meet-up taking place early next month, this will be an excellent opportunity to interact with company decision-makers while also picking up valuable information.

Starting officially at 7:00 pm on June 7, professionals have been given the option of arriving a little bit earlier in order to do a bit of informal networking before the meeting begins. Designed specifically to cater to the concerns of committed but busy professionals, this is a group which will accommodate the needs of everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to experienced executives. Touching on topics that have ranged from the raising of capital to the logistics of marketing and the ways in which a business plan could stand to be improved, the content of these events enjoys a certain amount of variety.

It’s also worth pointing out that with many of these events expected to end at around 9:00 am, those present at these meetings have a comfortable time allotment that allows them to really get their questions answered in detail. Taking place regularly in nearby places, this group is open to all California-based professionals and is set up in such a way that even first-time guests will catch on quickly to the way things are done.

Boasting over 500 members, prospective attendees may consider talking to a local printing company about getting some business card printing done ahead of this one.