Speaking opportunities with Koffee Klatch available

March 26, 2012 by  

The San Bernardino Area Chamber of Commerce calendar has highlighted a solid line-up of events that feature a range of benefits that include the networking and advertising, business owners in San Bernardino have no shortage of options.

For local entrepreneurs, the nearest networking event is taking place on the 28th through the chamber’s Koffee Klatch meeting. Although it’s certainly possible for an individual to arrive with a solid amount of business card printing, the group offers another opportunity in the form of speaking engagements. Available to members of the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce only, business owners can’t go wrong getting a little bit of exposure by making a presentation that’s relevant to their area of expertise. Interested individuals are being advised to call.

On the following day, VECAP or the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Association will be holding its own multiple day seminar. The “15th National Forum on Issues in Vocational Assessment” is starting on the 29th and besides providing attendees with information and resources, VECAP is also offering sponsorships. What this means for San Bernardino companies is that although this workshop is designed primarily for those working in fields like Special Needs education and Occupational Therapy, anyone can get exposure here.

According to the available flyer printing, businesses have paid anywhere from $40 for a specific service to $700 for two tables and a few additional perks. At its essence, this is another great marketing investment that San Bernardino businesses should consider looking into for next year.