Hundreds come together to clean up park

February 23, 2013 by  

Over 200 people gathered on a Saturday morning earlier this month to help clean up Seccombe Lake Park in San Bernardino.

In the past, the area has been noted as a dirty, dangerous section of the city, but concerned and caring citizens in the community are working to change that. Hundreds of volunteers spent a few hours or more in the park picking up debris, raking leaves, scrubbing graffiti, painting, and making other improvements that are hoped to result in a positive change for the park and the surrounding area in San Bernardino.

Flyer printing might be used to announce community clean-ups and other such events in an area. As citizens gather to voluntarily help improve the looks and appeal of the community, it is generally hoped that positive changes will follow.

Kevin Hawkins, who currently serves as the Park and Recreation Department’s director for San Bernardino, stated,

“I’ve said it before: When this park turns around, the city will turn around.”

The recent one-day clean-up of the park, sponsored by the city of San Bernardino, was part of an ongoing effort towards the rehabilitation of Seccombe Lake Park. Hawkins, who also volunteered to help with the clean-up, has convinced the Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire to transfer its headquarters to Seccombe Park, thus establishing a steady presence in the area. Other clean-up efforts of the area have taken place in the past and will continue as the citizens help restore their park.