Hanna ready to begin city clerk duties despite recount

February 20, 2012 by  

Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna plans to report for work on Monday March 5 as the new San Bernardino city clerk even though the county registrar of voters is calling for a partial recount from the February run-off election. Hanna squeezed by opponent Amelia Sanchez-Lopez by a mere two votes.

Officials want to verify unofficial results by randomly select one percent of the ballots to confirm that they match the original numbers. Hanna received 6,066 votes to Sanchez-Lopez’s 6,064. Hanna picked up slightly more than 50 percent of the vote in the runoff race. The precise percentage was 50.000824402308326. Sanchez-Lopez was on Hanna’s heels with 49.9917559761674 percent of the vote.

Hanna says she’s ready to jump into the city clerk position with both feet even though the outcome of the recount has yet to be determined. Hanna may already be considering business card printing displaying what appears to be her new title. Easier access to city records online, enhancing civic engagement, and coming up with ways to improve the business registration process are on Hanna’s list of priorities.

A similar situation occurred in May, 1979 for the 3rd Ward Council seat. A recount gave Ralph Hernandez 793 votes while Luther Fair received 790. The first of many court challenges began when Fair filed an election contest. The race wasn’t settled for good until 1982 even though Hernandez was sworn as a council member in 1979.

Also in 1979, there was a tie vote for the 7th Ward Council seat in San Bernardino. Candidates Robert McBay and Jack Strickler both received 1284 votes. The dilemma was settled quickly when the city council broke the tie by flipping a coin. Strickler was the lucky winner.