Binational Health Fair to take place in San Bernadino

October 15, 2012 by  

An event scheduled for this weekend expects to attract more than 2,000 individuals seeking healthcare services for free. The 12th annual Binational Health Fair will bring 177 providers and 57 organizations together to offer a total of 27 different types of healthcare services.

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Edith Lara-Trad, a recent retiree of the San Bernadino County Public Health Department, recruited Entre Amigos to help out at this year’s health fair. Lara-Trad, who is a member of Entre Amigos, said the group of professional women was created over three decades ago. A number of the women in the group are employed in medical careers, making them an ideal choice to assist in organizing the activity. The group will be providing various services, such as consultation, cleaning, and even fillings and extractions. Lara-Trad said:

“These will be real hands-on services. We will have a breast feeding instructor, a neo-natal nurse, the breath-mobile from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, which will assess patients’ respiratory health.”

The 12th annual Binational Health Fair is scheduled to take place at the Mexican Consulate located in San Bernardino at 293 North. D Street from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm on Sunday, October 21.