Tourism Cares spiffs up Sacramento

October 4, 2012 by  

Hundreds of volunteers from Tourism Cares showed up in Sacramento on Friday, September 29 to give tourist attractions in the area a spiffy new look.

Tourism Cares is a branch of the National Tour Association and is based in Massachusetts. The philanthropic organization chose Sacramento to receive its travel industry volunteer work day project for the fall of 2012.

Volunteers spent the day sprucing up a number of tourist attractions scattered throughout Sacramento. One group focused on providing Old Sacramento with a new coat of paint and various renovations, while another group worked at Sutter’s Fort. Other sites where volunteers could be seen working away included the Historic City Cemetery and Pioneer Park.

Executive director for Tourism Cares, Bruce Beckman, said:

“It isn’t that (Old Sacramento) is run-down. We’re just fixing things up a bit to make it a better travel experience. We want to preserve these sites for future generations.”

The Sacramento area attracts over 15 million tourists annually, according to the Sacramento Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. Many businesses in the area draw in these tourists through special promotions and other deals that are often advertised with banner printing, brochure printers, or other promotional materials.

Tourism Cares awards two main renovation and clean-up projects each year—one in the spring and the other in the fall. Most often, the group focuses on areas with a cultural and historical significance or other tourist attractions, though its work is not limited to those types of areas. It has also worked on areas that have been damaged or demolished by storms and other natural disasters.