Obama sweeps California in Presidential Election

November 9, 2012 by  

President Obama took the state of California in the Presidential election on Tuesday, November 6. With an incredible 55 electoral votes, the state has the highest electoral college in the country.

In Tuesday’s election, Obama swept up 59.1% of the popular vote in California, while Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney picked up 38.6%. The remaining 2.3% of the vote in California was marked ‘other’.

Throughout Sacramento and the rest of the state, a number of American voters attended election night parties and events to anxiously await the results of what was predicted to be one of the closest Presidential elections in history. The results were indeed close, but in California, it remains clear that the majority of voters in the state preferred to keep the incumbent President in office for the next term.

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While the 2012 Presidential election was a close race between incumbent President Obama and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the President took 50% of the popular vote in America and will remain in office until the 2016 Presidential election. Romney received 48% of the popular vote.